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Adventism is a movement within Christianity arising in the 1830s that advocates the imminent pre-millennial return or "advent" of Jesus Christ. The founder was a Freemason named William Miller, who devised a doctrine, based on his understanding of Daniel and Revelation, that Jesus would return between spring 1843 and spring 1844. After the original time passed without event, a final date was set of October 22, 1844.

Up to 50,000 Christians were involved in this movement, nearly all of whom resided in the northeastern United States or southeastern Canada. When the 1844 date passed without event, there was a great disappointment among this group of people. Many returned to their prior churches, but some held to the doctrine of the imminent return of Jesus and sought to find meaning in the disappointment. Some believed God was calling Christianity to a return to Biblical truth. These groups gradually formed the various Adventist denominations that evolved after the disappointment.

Below is a timeline showing the key events, people, and doctrinal developmentment of Adventism

Adventist Timeline

The Millerite Movement

  • 1782 - William Miller was born on February 15
  • 1803 - Miller joined the Freemason Grand Lodge of Vermont
  • 1811 - Miller became the Freemason Worshipful Master of the Vermont Morning Star Lodge (#27)
  • 1822 - Miller published a document predicting the imminent return of Jesus in 1843/1844 (see Miller's 15 Proofs)
  • 1831 - Miller was ordained as a Baptist preacher, resigned from the Morning Star Lodge, and began lecturing on the imminent return of Jesus
  • 1844 - After March 21, 1844, passed without Christ returning, Miller admitted his mistake to his followers
  • 1844 - Most churches closed their doors to Millerite preachers, and are labeled by the Millerites as "Babylon"
  • 1844 - During the summer, Samuel Snow devises a new date for Jesus to return: October 22, 1844
  • 1844 - Miller accepts the new date of October 22, 1844

The Great Disappointment

  • 1844 - October 22 passes without event, commencing the great disappoinment
  • 1844 - Majority of Millerites either return to the prior churches, join another Protestant church, or give up their faith
  • 1844 - Some Millerites commit suicide, others are committed to insane asylyms
  • 1845 - Miller confesses to be mistaken about the time of the return

The Albany Conference of April 29 - May 1, 1845

  • Meeting of Adventists who did not wish to return to their former churches, whom they labeled "Babylon"
  • Adopted a negative stance towards visionaries
  • Adopted an open door of salvation
  • Two primary groups emerged from the conference:
    1. Evangelical Adventist Church (no longer in existence)
    2. Advent Christian Church - adopted the doctrine of annihilation of the wicked

The Shut Door Adventists - 1845-1852

  • Led by Joseph Bates, James White, and the visionary Ellen Harmon (White)
  • Adopted the Sabbath doctrine from the Seventh Day Baptists
  • Adopted the belief that Sunday-keeping is the Mark of the Beast, and Sabbath-keeping is the Seal of God
  • Adopted the annihilation doctrine from the Advent Christian Church
  • Invented the doctrine that Jesus moved into the Most Holy Place in 1844, and shut the door of salvation for all non-Adventists
  • Taught that Adventists were in a 7-year testing period to determine if they would accept the Sabbath doctrine, and Jesus would return in fall of 1851
  • After Jesus failed to return in 1851, the group dropped the shut door doctrine

Church of God (seventh day) - 1860-today (web site)

  • Started by Gilbert Cranmer
  • Adopted the Sabbath and annihilation doctrines from the Shut Door Adventists, but not the teachings on the Mark of the Beast, Seal of God, and the Sanctuary
  • Rejected the visions of Ellen White as false and contrary to the Bible

Seventh-day Adventists - 1863-today (web site)

  • Adopted Vegetarianism and abstinence from alcohol and tobacco
  • Declared Ellen White to be the Spirit of Prophecy
  • Retained all the doctrines of the Shut Door Adventists, but opened the door of salvation for those who did not reject William Miller
  • Received and began preaching the gospel message in 1888
  • Claimed to be the true remnant church of Revelation while declaring all other churches to be "Babylon"
  • Focused their evangelism on converting other Christians to Seventh-day Adventist doctrines
  • Established healthcare facilties, and are now one of the largest private abortion providers in the world
  • Have many offshoots, including the Branch Davidians

Jehova's Witness - 1870-today (web site)

  • Charles Taze Russell adopted doctrines of immiment return of Jesus and annihilationism from Adventists

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